An Alternative Treatment To MRSA/Staph Bacteria Infections

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Natural 470 nm Blue Light Effectively Killing Strands of MRSA/Staph Infection SUPERBUG Bacteria

The results publicized from the New York Institute of Technology stunned many medical scientists and doctors in 2009. Reports of a remarkable scientific discovery "Blue Natural Light Effectively Killing Strands of MRSA Bacteria in a Petri Dish" appeared in a reputable surgery journal.

 Media Articles Covering The 2009 Findings

Progress: Slow and Silent for the MRSA light

Millions of people were visiting emergency rooms, medical offices and clinics with symptoms of MRSA/Staph infection. Thousands of helpless victims were dying each year from MRSA/Staph infections. 

Very few ambitious souls who were suffering with MRSA/Staph infections at that time or knew someone with a MRSA/staph infection, pursued the research further. Some were able to help themselves with a few limited blue light sources available on the market. Today, many living with symptoms of MRSA/Staph infection do not know of this potential, safe and natural treatment, which could save lives.

There is significant potential in this remarkable health discovery that may solve the dangerous health condition, MRSA. Interest apparently went dormant soon after the discovery became public and it is puzzling why the interest seems to have vanished with pursuing the blue light treatment for MRSA/Staph infection bacteria.


NOBIS teamed up with a world-renowned manufacturer of scientific lights to provide another alternative to those struggling with symptoms of MRSA/Staph infection. Our unique and precise 470nm blue light device, which matches the light used in the 2009 study, is available to address symptoms of MRSA/Staph infection. The NOBISBLUE line of 470nm blue light devices accurately deliver the specific and safe amount of wavelength necessary to fight the MRSA/Staph bacteria. 
NOBISBLUE Flash Light Unit
According to a real testimony and the scientific research discovery, there is now a device that specifically helps medical treatment reduce symptoms of MRSA/Staph infection and defeat the bacteria. Furthermore, if it were successfully employed on a large scale, it may help slow antibiotic resistance, and severely rein in community MRSA/Staph infection statistics. 

We do our best to gather vital information to display on our website. We link you to reputable sites so you can find answers to your questions about this remarkable blue light MRSA treatment. Learn all that you can about MRSA/Staph infection bacteria, read the blue light research, and draw your own conclusions. Our NOBISBLUE devices, acting as an alternative compliment to your current MRSA/Staph infection treatment, can save your life or the life of someone you love.

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